How they are conducted

Each workshop runs for 3 days
2 hours per day.


€20.00 per workshop


Scuola dell'Infanzia Aladino
via Fontanella 2, Porto Sant'Elpidio

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Tel: 328.7756579 / 334.7045739

15, 16, 17 JULY

6-8 years old

Magic of Verses and Sounds

Poetry and Music, with Gaia Valbonesi

This workshop combines music and poetry, perfect for curious and creative children. Through explorations of children's poetry and classical music, participants will engage in active listening and create original pieces using both musical instruments and everyday objects transformed by imagination.
The activities encourage expressive freedom and artistic appreciation, stimulating imagination, focus, and collaboration. We will conclude with an open lesson, where the children will read their compositions, involving the audience in creative experiences.

from 5 years old

Between Forest and Sea

Mask Making, with Stefania Pietrani

A creative journey into the art of mask-making, where participants of all ages will bring to life characters from myths and legends. Using clay, papier-mâché, and natural elements, participants will be guided in the modeling and creation of unique masks. Each creation will express their own imagination, allowing not only to shape forms but also to weave stories and invent narratives around the characters created. This workshop offers an exceptional opportunity to explore ancient stories through visual and narrative art, stimulating imagination, creativity, and manual skills in a fun and collaborative environment.

7-12 years old


Circus and Juggling, with Vera Vaiano

This workshop combines improvisation and circus techniques such as juggling, balancing, acrobalance, and clowning. Each session includes a welcome, introduction, free practice, and experimentation.
The theme is to use mistakes as a resource, focusing on cooperation and stage presence.
The grand finale will be a performance where the children will showcase the skills they've learned.

18, 19, 20 JULY

8-12 years old


Creation and Animation of Marionettes, with Thomas Herfort

A creative workshop for constructing string puppets, where children turn newspaper and tape into animated works of art! Guided by German puppeteer Thomas Herfort, participants will learn to create their own marionettes using simple, recycled materials, thus developing manual skills and ecological awareness. Each session encourages creativity and personal expression, culminating in a final performance where the young puppeteers will stage an exciting show with their creations.

7-11 years old

The Musical Amusement Park

Music, with Stefano Rocchetti

Colpisci il barattolo con un cannone ad aria, vai a pesca di pesci-nota, sfida il pifferaio magico a colpi di flauto, sali e scendi sulle montagne “musicali” e gira la ruota dai colori sonori.
Queste sono solo alcune delle attività musicali che faremo insieme durante questo incredibile laboratorio. Un percorso in cui troverete tante attività operative per lo sviluppo del coordinamento motorio e dell’espressione corporea.
Fare musica giocando perché la musica è anche un gioco bellissimo!

6-12 years old

Paper Stories

Paper Sculptures, with Oreste Castagna and Blessing

A workshop straight from the TV show L'Albero Azzurro with Oreste Castagna.
Participants will create paper sculptures of animals and fantastical settings, recreating an imaginary world filled with clouds, butterflies, little birds, bunnies, snakes, and other cute creatures.
Adults accompanying children are also welcome to participate in the workshop.