Campus Internazionale Legambiente

Grazie alla collaborazione con Legambiente Marche e al Circolo Legambiente di Porto Sant’Elpidio il Festival ospiterà il Campus Internazionale di volantariato “The Nature Show”.

15 ragazzi tra i 15 e i 17 anni provenienti da Russia, Germania, Turchia, Francia, Spagna e Italia faranno parte dell’organizzazione del Festival.

Una presenza simpatica e di sicuro arricchimento per tutta la città e una possibilità ulteriore di promozione turistica a livello europeo.


Project summary: In the pine forest of Porto Sant’Elpidio we will take part to behind the scenes of  “Theatres of the World” international festival


PROJECT: Volunteers will work for the realization of the festival “Theaters of the world, an international Festival of the theatre for teens and children” and Legambiente project “RiciclaEstate” about recycling and up-cycling.

Volunteers will be sensitized through creative activity to the respect for the others and for the environment. They will have the opportunity to meet the actors, the organizers of the Festival, the associations and the citizens of Porto Sant’Elpidio.

LEGAMBIENTE LOCAL GROUP: Legambiente Porto Sant’Elpidio was born in 1988; it is involved in all the environmental battles and campaigns carried out by the national Legambiente and in campaigns of environmental education in collaboration with schools and other associations. During its years of activity a lot of energy was spent to promote the historical memory and the identity of some important places, such as Fim (an old fertilizer factory currently abandoned) and an area called Orfeo Serafini, that was a football camp in front of the see, freed from the risk of overbuilding. Local group has been organizing workcamps since 1991 with the will to spread peace through cultural exchanges. To promote “green tourism”, to develop a sustainable promoting recycling.

LOCATION AND LEISURE: Porto Sant’Elpidio is a town on the Marche coast, in the province of Fermo, known for the District of footwear. The historic fishing village, which originated as a seaport of Sant’Elpidio a Mare, has now become an equipped seaside resort. It is characterized by a sandy and pebble beach that runs for more than seven kilometers between the town and the sea. The wide pine forest close to the sea is bordered by a bike path. On the seaside of Adriatic sea there is Porto Sant’elpidio, the city where will take part our voluntary camp. Porto Sant’elpidio is a pretty famous holiday resort because is very near to the sea, furthermore is a flat place and and it makes very easy to reach every zone of the city by bicycle.

WORK: The volunteers will take part in laboratories and recreational activities about recycling. Also they will be involved in theatrical activities like the setting up of scenography and the places where the shows will be played, the acting company assistance, promotional activities for the festival and merchandising.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will be hosted in a building with separate rooms for boys and girls, a big common room and a kitchen. Volunteers will prepare meals with local food. Wi-Fi included.

SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: Motivation letter is required.

TERMINAL:  nearest airports: Rome airports and Falconara Airport; nearest train stations:  Civitanova Marche Train Station and Ancona Train Station.